Thursday, July 23, 2009

First Steps in Running

Okay, so better late than never...I'm doing a bit of research on beginning a running routine "safely". This is the best article I have read. It's also from a great source. I've been wandering around on the Runner's World website and have found an abundance of useful tips and information that I didn't know when I woke up this morning. Today, I will definitely be resting this knee, doing a few yoga stretches to make it feel better, and icing/heating it before bed.

It feels very weird to be committing to an activity like running. Especially me...Queen Couch Potato herself. Hmmm... And I owe it all to my "training" partner (thanks D.).

Click on the link below to read "10 Steps..."

First Steps

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Running Reality Check

As with Hot Yoga...I have found at least a modicum of internal motivation for my nightly run/walk (4-5 times per week); I'm now almost done with my 3rd week and I've doubled my distance. But, I'm realizing, with a new and slight knee injury, that I have jumped into this without enough knowledge to intelligently stave off pain and future leg/knee/joint problem. For example, after doing a little research, I realize that my shoes are probably all wrong, that I'm possibly running too far, too fast, and that there are a lot of terms with which I am unfamiliar and that are quite possibly affecting me (i.e. pronation/suppination). I'm also feeling in need of expert advice, but living in such an isolated, rural area, it isn't very practical for me to just run down to my local running-gear store and get fitted for the perfect footwear. Apparently, I'm supposed to consider where my other shoes show wear, the arch of my foot, the flexibility, the terrain...and a whole slew of other technical dynamics and design features that sound like some strange foreign language to me. And here I thought this would be simple. Maybe I'm over-complicating it. Wouldn't be the first time. But, I AM sure of this: I need to learn more, be gentle to my skeleton, not be suckered into buying things I don't need, buy better shoes, and KEEP RUNNING!!!

(Anyone have any suggestions on stores where expert advice on running shoes can be found on the Olympic Peninsula or in the Seattle area?) It'll be a little while before I can get to Seattle/Tacoma, but I can put it on my list of things to do when I get there.)

See my next entry for an informative article from Runner's World.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer - Intermission

Friday. Alone, but for a sleeping toddler and five snoring pets curled up in various painstakingly-chosen spots throughout the house. Tall glass of ice water on my right, sinful Godiva chocolate bar on my left. Jazz emanates from the speakers. The world is still. Momentarily.

I have spent the day doing a glorious list of "nothing special". A walk down the trail with my son. A mid-day nap. An afternoon viewing of "Beauty and the Beast". A simple dinner of soup and sandwiches. Story time. Bed time. Quiet time.

I need to enjoy every second of this waning freedom, for next week I leave for Boise to take part in Edufest. I come back just in time to celebrate my 3rd wedding anniversary...and then it's off to Idaho again to visit family. Three days after I return, my eighth year of teaching will begin. I cannot believe how quickly this break is going by.

But it's like that now. I remember when each year seemed to last forever. Forever and a day. And now it's seconds. Something to do with having a baby who just seems to be wriggling out of my hands like a salamander (which we saw today but couldn't catch, much to Liam's dismay).

Today's highlights: playing ball in the driveway, dropping everything (literally - it was a full basket of laundry) to run out and watch the Coast Guard helicopter fly overhead - bless them for looping back and flying over again, very low), hearing my son say, "'s nap time," as I faked sleep beside him to encourage him to sleep too, videotaping him blowing kisses...

Couldn't seem to get the video to work right...but listening is a dying art, so maybe this is for the best.