Monday, February 9, 2009


“The best things in life are unexpected - because there were no expectations.” - Eli Khamarov

I'm not one for surprise...I like to know what's coming my way, but every once in awhile, I'm reminded why the unexpected is so refreshing, if not a little unsettling.

My expectations are most assuredly the thing that ruin most events. It is when I have none, that I am rarely disappointed. And, because I'm not looking out for what I assume I will see, I am freed to observe what otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

I'm home sick today. Unexpected, yes. I don't often stay home, even if I am sick, because it's actually more work for me to stay home and rest than it is to just go and suffer through the day. But, I gave in, and I'm glad I did.

Besides, things seem weird in the world today.

For example, it's snowing. What the hell is that about? Big, wet, fluffy flakes that have actually taken claim of the damp swamp of brown leaves in my front yard. They are swirling and mesmerizing my young son.

And it's a full moon. Not necessarily happens with quiet regularity. But we are all aware that things somehow move in different circles and land in different positions when the moon bares all to our revolving planet.

And my son has been in a good mood all day, despite the green snot that keeps draining from him angry little nose. Strange. Creepily out of the ordinary.

The house is clean (gasp). The chores are, for the most part done (unheard of). How did I find this unexpected day? And why does it make me suspicious?

Well, I won't question it too hard. Wouldn't want to scare it away. For the time being, it is welcome here.

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bluemoonali said...

You get snow and we get warm weather! Woohoo.

All the snow is finally melted away here (and we've been climbing into the 50/60s since last Friday!) Students are getting the much needed outside recesses (has only happened a handful of times since late November) and I am happily flitting about with NO COAT! I opened the house and let in some of the moist air--the house is soooo dry. Now the house smells fresh and comforting!